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The first movie of third Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang, has already been released on the Laxmi Puja festival. The movie, Gorkha Paltan, has been spread it's footprints all over Nepal as well as all over the world.
saachai harek Nepali ley hearnai parne chalchitra "GORKHA PALTAN".Jaula relaima sarara Gorkha Paltan.......

A must watch pure n original Nepali flick depictin true joys n sorrows of typical Nepali society n wat a superb musical base!!so wel done Narayan Ji and you too Prashant...
Now watch the video of Gorkha Paltan embeded from Youtube.

Now Download Nepali songs of Gorkha Paltan below: Just Click the link below to download these Nepali Songs.
>>>>>>>>>>Download Gorkha Paltan Songs <<<<<<<<<<
Below are the Gorkha Paltan Nepali Songs sang by Prashant Tamang, Anju Panta and others Nepali singers.
  1. Naumati Baja
  2. Badtiyata ley
  3. Ghamko Maya
  4. Gorkha Paltan
  5. Maya Paicho nadeu
  6. Na ta paya kasaiko sahara
  7. Ramdi Pol
  8. Sannani ley
Hope you guys out there enjoyed the pure Nepali Songs. Don't forget to have your say by commenting. Keep Nepali Songs Alive.
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