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Maps of Nepal can be a great idea to find or locate different parts of Nepal. With the help of maps you can identify the location of particular place, office, airport, hospital, cinema hall, parks and other public places. Maps are the visual representation area or places. Here are some of the maps of Nepal collected from various sources.
For more maps of Nepal visit Maps of Nepal on Nepal!. And if you want any maps of Nepal, you can leave a comment and I will try to provide you.
Watch Nepali Music Video of Nabire Timilai by Anju Panta.
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Watch Nepali Music Video Tara Antim Palata Bhetna Aaau by Damber Nepali
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The sun is a medium-sized star. It is light yellow in colour. It is the largest body in the solar system. Its diameter is about 1392000 km and it is situated at about 2.5 x 10 14*4 light years away from the galactic center of the Milky Way. The distance between the sun and the earth is about 1.5 x 10*8 km. About 75 percent of the mass of the sun is made up of hydrogen and slightly lesser than 25 percent of the mass is made up of helium. The rest is composed of small amounts of carbon, oxygen and other elements. The sun's mass makes up 99.8 percent of mass of the entire solar system. The temperature of its surface is 6 x 10*3 Deg. C and that of the core is 1.5 x 10*3 Deg. C. Its mass is about 2 x 10*30 kg. It takes 2.5 x 10*8 years to complete one revolution around the galactic center and the period is called one cosmic year.
I consists of 3 layers. They are photosphere, chromosphere and corona. Photosphere, is the central hottest and the thinnest layer. Chromosphere is thicker than photosphere and can be seen during the total solar eclipse only and the corona is the thickest layer. It is spread about millions of km around the chromosphere.
The sun produces most of the energy in the core. It does so by means of nuclear fusion. During fusion hydrogen nuclei collide and fuse together to form helium nuclei. Scientists estimate that there is enough hydrogen inside the sun to continue the fusion for another five billion years.
gautam buddhaBuddhism is one of the major religions of the world. It was founded by Siddhartha Gautam who is also known as Gautam Buddha, He was born in 563 B.C. at Lumbini, in Kapilbastu district of Nepal. Gauam Buddha struggled throughout his life to find solution to sufferings in life. At last, meditating under 'bodhi' tree in Gaya (in India), he realized that the root of all sufferings caused by change in desire and ignorance. Knowing this truth of life he was enlightened and began to be called the "Buddha". Since then, he started teaching the people the four noble truths and the noble eightfold paths. The teaching of Gautam Buddha formed a new religion called Buddhism. Buddhism, thus originated in Nepal. spread all over India, Sri Lanka, Thiland, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Through the Himalayan mountain passes it spread over to Tibet, China, Korea and Japan. During the 20th century, it spread to Europe, the United States of America and Australia.
Buddhism has adapted as well to other cultures and developed distinctive forms in different countries. With Hinduism in particular, it is blended together to form one religion. Followers of Hinduism and Buddhism began to live together in harmony and thus Buddhism became a sister of Hinduism.
Hinduism is one of the oldest living religions of the world. It affects the family life of the people, their food, dress and culture. The caste system as applied to Hindus determines their way of life, even their occupations. Hinduism was not founded on the teachings of one person like other religions. It is developed gradually over thousands of years. There are many sects or groups within Hinduism, each developed its own philosophy and form of worship.
Road transport is very important in the context of our country. Railways can only be made available in the plain areas of terai. Nepal, being a land-locked country, waterways are not possible and airways are comparatively expensive. For all these regions, priority is given to roadways. Nepal has made good progress in construction of roads in spite of some difficulties mainly in the hill areas. Till 1951, the country had only 376 kilometers of roads. While coming across 2000 there were 15905 km, roads in Nepal. In the hill areas where good roads are not available, some mule tracks, foot trails and suspension bridges are made. In rural areas, there are some improved cable bridges over streams and rivulets, and village trails as well.
Some of the Main Highways of Nepal
  1. Tribhuwan Highway - 192 km.
  2. Araniko Highway - 114 km.
  3. Prithvi Highway - 174 km.
  4. Siddhartha Highway - 180 km.
  5. Dharan - Dhankuta Highway - 50 km.
  6. Dhangadi - Dadeldhura Highway - 135 km.
  7. Mahendra Highway - 1028 km.
  8. B.P Koirala Highway - 174 km.
In addition to these, there are Narayanghat - Butwal Highway, Dhangadi - Darchula Highway, Narayanghat - Gorkha Highway, Dumre - Besishahar Highway, Pokhara - Baglung Highway, Charali - Ilam Highway, Ilam - Taplejung Highway, Tansen - Tamghas Highway, Kohalpur - Surkhet Highway, Nepalgunj - Gulariya Highway, etc.
Network of Land Transportation
Road Network of Nepal

More maps can be found here.
Our government's policy, under different periodical plans, has been to develop surface transport structure by constructing two parallel East - West Highways - one along the terai and another along the mid-hills. In addition, the government has planned to build north-south feeder roads to connect the remote areas with two parallel east-west highways in order to link the whole country by roads. The east-west highway along the mid-hills may be considered the existing one about 400 km. running from Jiri, in the east to Baglung, in the west.
Many of our friendly countries have helped us in constructing these roads. Countries like India, China, Britain, Russia and others have built most of our roads. Local resources have also been mobilized particularly in construction of suspension bridges, foot and mule trails. Local people voluntarily have been contributing their labour and assisting the government to fulfill its plan of development. All these are positive signs of development and it is hoped that soon there will be a network system of roads that would lead the country in the development of all areas.
There are various types of Nepali songs that we play and listen in terms of religion, caste place and  culture. People sing songs in different types of festivals such as marriage, bartabandha, fair and festivals. Recently the folk songs have been developed into professional duel folk songs. Here is one example video of Nepali Folk Song. "Driver Ma Mailo".

You can know more about Nepali folk songs by clicking here.


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